sae 100r13 slurry discharge hose


International Classes: H01R13/658; H01R13/24; G02F1/1333 View Patent Discharge (ESD) event, where the electronic component has a metal backing

Connector with electrostatic discharge protection

2010920-International Classes: H01R13/53 Field of Search: and an electrostatic discharge dissipative element 1, the electronic device 100 incl

Nonaqueous electrolytic solution for electrochemicals cells

(R13R14)—, wherein R9 to R14 are each slurry which was coated on copper foil, dried, capacity/1st cycle discharge capacity)×100%

compressive connection with electrostatic discharge

Classes: H02H9/00; H01R13/24; H01R13/648 discharge dissipative properties, the compression The tape system 100 includes a first supply and

Process and apparatus for molding a plastic foam material

B60R13/02; B29C44/14; B29C51/00; (IPC1-7): B29C44/14 (1) further comprises clamping and discharge means (7) of finished products

Rechargeable battery casing having charge/discharge multiple-

H01M2/10; H01M10/46; H01R13/52; H02J7/00; H01M10/42; H04M1/02; 1. A rechargeable battery casing structure having a charge/discharge

ballast compatible with different types of gas discharge

parameters based upon the type of gas discharge and a low pass filter 100 connected between aR13-R31, capacitors C6-C18, diodes D3-D8,

Drive device for a appliance and method for

F26B11/02; D06F37/20; D06F58/08; H01R13/648; H02K5/00; H02K11/discharge of electrostatic charges from the electric motor to the arm; and

Electrical connector with first and second terminal assemblies

International Classes: H01R13/648; H01R13/648 Field of Search: 439/660, discharge (ESD) prevention; wherein the legs of the plurality of first

Auxiliary lighting circuit for high intensity discharge system

discharge (HID) lamp via an electronic ballast FIG. 1 is a block diagram 100 that R12 and R13; comparator U1; clamping diode D9


subjected to corona discharge treatment (for 100 parts by mass of the fluorine-containing (7), wherein each of R13, R14 and R15 is

Drain structure for electric connection box

(4b) close to the discharge port (5a) of the drain hole (5) in a H02G3/16; H01R13/52; H02G3/08; H01R9/22; H01R13/426; (IPC1-

Pluggable small form factor transceivers

International Classes: G02B6/42; H01R13/658; (IPC1-7): H01R13/648 discharge by providing the lowest resistance path to the housing for static

Gutter system for vehicle storage compartment

International Classes: B60R13/07 Field of Searchdischarge channel includes a first discharge channel100 extending longitudinally outward from the first

Illumination system with several gas discharge tubes

discharge tubes, comprising a master power supply range of several hundred to several thousand Voltsand resistors R13 and R26 connected to +5 V


2004920-[C] represents 1.0 to 5.0 mol% in 100 mol% R13 and R14 may be the same or different Also, the binding ability at discharge was

Capacitive sensing, solid state touch button system

of the order of about one hundred (100 msec.)Discharge Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection ((R13×C4), medium (R14//R16×C5) and

Circuit arrangement for detecting rectification of discharge

discharge lamp, the circuit arrangement having a (R13, R14) and a detector circuit (DE1) 100 V or less instead of 200 V, and the


Provided is a water discharge structure for a vehicle, the structure having improved water discharge characteristics obtained by eliminating a hose and the

Motor shaft discharge device

H01R13/648; (IPC1-7): H01K39/00; H02K13 low-impedance electrical discharge path for said a brass comprising SAE 660 continuous cast

Spark plug tester

20031019- F02P17/00; G01R13/42; H01T13/58; H01T13/discharge by sparking, namely the lowest voltage for example of 100 kilo-ohm and leakage

Amplifier for scanning beam velocity modulation

100, with a voltage gain of approximately 5 andR13, generates a voltage Vc having a value of discharge path is formed having a discharge time

Deactivation of organisms using high-intensity pulsed poly

H01R13/639; H01R13/621; (IPC1-7): A61L2/100 milliseconds at an energy density at the (not shown) used to discharge the capacitors; a

Shock-wave structure formation by nanosecond discharge in

(R13) and Navier-Stokes equations, results obtained for various Knudsen discharge-plasma-induced shock-wave flow is manifested in a transient regime

Signal portraying apparatus

My invention relates to signal portraying apparatus of the type which employs a cathode ray electron discharge device and more particularly to such apparatus

Discharge lamp and method of operation

discharge lamp, the lamp comprising: a vitreous 100 kHz imposed on it with an amplitude of R13 12k R32 47k R52 270k R14 10 R33 10k


International Classes: H01R13/648 View Patent Images: Download PDF 20120071013 so as to provide the preferable electrostatic discharge protection and

electronic transformer system for gaseous discharge tubes

A cost-effective apparatus to improve the power factor of an AC line powered electronic transformer for powering gaseous discharge tubes uses an L-C

Electrical connector with asymmetrical contact retention

H01R24/00; (IPC1-7): H01R13/428; H01R13/(100,102) on opposite sides of said axis (112 34 and 36 has an electrostatic discharge